Product Solutions

Going Above & Beyond!

When it comes to benefits options, the sky’s the limit. We can help you create a benefits plan that offers better benefits with fewer costs for you and your employees.

Benefits for your Budget

Provide Your Employees with the Protection They Need

We realize the importance in providing your employees with a strong benefits package – yet the balance you have to strike to make every budget dollar count.

Our products offer a broad range of benefit options to ensure your employees have the added financial protection they need while managing your benefit costs.

We carry a full range of group and individual products. Many can be directly employee-paid, so there’s no cost to you. By offering these with your core benefit offerings you can:

  • Deliver a competitive benefits package
  • Create tax savings for you and your employees
  • Cover gaps in existing benefit coverages
  • Determine if moving to more affordable medical plans is right for your employees
  • Allow employees to tailor the benefits package that best suits their needs


Health Insurance

Health care reforms have many employers reviewing their current health insurance plans. Health insurance policies are notoriously complicated and confusing. We’re here to answer your questions and discover the best options for you and your employees. Let us help you understand health insurance reforms, select a new plan, and communicate plan changes with your employees.


Life Insurance

Life insurance provides financial stability to your employees’ families should the worst occur. Our life insurance solutions allow your employees to tailor coverage to fit their needs, including:

  • term, universal, and whole life insurance options
  • dependent coverage
  • payroll-deducted premiums


Cancer Insurance

Cancer can have a significant financial impact on your employees and their families. Offering comprehensive cancer insurance coverage in your benefits package can help offset out-of-pocket and non-medical costs health insurance plans don’t cover, including:

  • deductibles and co-pays
  • loss of income
  • child care
  • lodging and meals

What difference can cancer insurance make? Listen to Jamie Frederickson’s story. We can help you integrate cancer insurance into your benefits offerings.


Dental Insurance

Dental insurance plans are notoriously expensive for employers. Not ours. Work with us to offer your employees comprehensive dental coverage at no cost to you, including:

  • no deductibles, co-insurance, or coordination of coverage
  • employee and family coverage options
  • immediate benefits for wellness visits and x-rays
  • optional orthodontic and vision care riders at no additional cost


Critical Illness Insurance

Renal failure, stroke, heart attack, and major organ failure are often just as devastating as cancer. Unexpected illnesses incur unexpected costs. Critical illness insurance covers direct and indirect costs of critical illness care, including:

  • deductibles and co-pays
  • loss of income
  • child care
  • lodging and meals


Hospital Confinement Indemnity

Hospital stays are very expensive, often incurring costs beyond what an employee’s health plan covers. Hospital confinement indemnity provides lump-sum benefits to offset gaps in hospital stay coverage, including costs incurred for:

  • emergency room tests
  • doctor appointments
  • diagnostic tests
  • other hospital-related expenses

Hospital confinement indemnity helps round out coverage when offered in conjunction with high-deductible health care plans. Talk with us to discover how hospital confinement indemnity can complement your current health plan.


Accident Insurance

Slip-and-falls, broken arms, car accidents, and sudden and accidental injury can happen at any time. Offering accident insurance coverage can give you and your employees peace of mind that they’re covered in the event of an accident, including:

  • initial care
  • surgery
  • follow-up care
  • transportation and lodging

We can help you offer accident insurance at no direct cost to you and at coverage levels that can fit any budget.


Disability Insurance

Illness, accidents, and the birth of a child can all interrupt an employee’s ability to work. Offering disability insurance coverage shows you’re invested in your employees, even when they’re temporarily unable to clock in. Disability insurance covers a portion of an employee’s income and can be a lifeline for employees who are unable to work due to illness.

Many different disability insurance coverage options are available. Speak with us to discover the most valuable coverage for your employees.