Small Businesses

Going Above & Beyond!

When it comes to benefits options, the sky’s the limit. We can help you create and manage a benefits plan that offers better benefits with fewer costs for you and your employees.


Customer Service

We’re here to help you navigate the benefits world and create a competitive benefits package that meets your employees’ needs. It’s our goal to become your partner in benefits planning and a resource to your employees when it’s time to enroll or make a claim. Your Blue Sky Benefits Solutions agent is just a phone call away, and online support is available 24/7.


Cost Management

Benefits planning is a balancing act. You want to offer your employees the world, but budgets often don’t make that possible. We’re experts in managing your benefits costs to leverage pre-tax and discounted tax savings products, employee-paid voluntary benefits, and marketing and managing employee wellness programs to reduce health care costs.


Administrative Support & Time Savings

Managing your benefits package is a full-time job. We’re here to help. Let us handle enrollment and communicating plan updates with your employees. Get back-office support with a suite of online tools that track data and automate billing. With our administrative support, you’ll have the time and resources to devote to growing your business.


Communication & Education

Benefits education is a significant part of what we do. We’ll meet individually with your employees to explain benefits changes, provide personal benefits counseling, and help them make informed decisions regarding their benefits package.


Financial Protection

You and your employees face rising out-of-pocket health care costs. That’s why it’s important for your benefits package to provide a financial safety net. Let us help you put together a benefits plan that encourages preventive care, offers pre-tax options, and extends care to spouses and dependents.