Going Above & Beyond!

When it comes to benefits options, the sky’s the limit. We can help you create a benefits plan that offers better benefits with fewer costs for you and your employees.


Group and Individual Product Solutions

At Blue Sky Benefit Solutions, we offer individuals and policy holders a wide range of product options, including life, health, supplemental, disability, and cancer insurance. We can help you decide what the best product or mix of products is best


Health Insurance

Recent health care reforms require most Americans to purchase health insurance. We can help you navigate the complicated and confusing health care marketplace to discover the most comprehensive coverage for you and your family. We’ll even meet one-on-one with you to explain your options and update you on the latest rules and regulations.


Life Insurance

Life insurance provides your family financial stability should the worst occur. Life insurance can help pay for your family’s everyday living expenses, education, and retirement in the event of your passing. Consider life insurance coverage when you encounter life transitions, including:

  • buying a home
  • getting married
  • having a child


Cancer Insurance

Cancer can have a significant financial impact on your family. Comprehensive cancer insurance coverage can help offset out-of-pocket and non-medical costs health insurance plans don’t cover, including:

  • child care
  • deductibles and co-pays
  • lodging and meals
  • loss of income


What difference can cancer insurance make? Listen to Jamie Frederickson’s story.


Dental Insurance

Dental insurance plans are notoriously expensive for employers. Not ours. Work with us to offer your employees comprehensive dental coverage at no cost to you, including:

  • no deductibles, co-insurance, or coordination of coverage
  • employee and family coverage options
  • immediate benefits for wellness visits and x-rays
  • optional orthodontic and vision care riders at no additional cost


Critical Illness Insurance

Renal failure, stroke, heart attack, and major organ failure are often just as devastating as cancer. Unexpected illnesses incur unexpected costs. Critical illness insurance covers direct and indirect costs of critical illness care, including:

  • child care
  • deductibles and co-pays
  • lodging and meals
  • loss of income


Hospital Confinement Indemnity

Hospital stays are very expensive, often incurring costs not covered by your health care plan. Hospital confinement indemnity provides you with a lump sum to offset gaps in hospital stay coverage, including:

  • diagnostic tests
  • doctor appointments
  • emergency room tests
  • other hospital-related expenses


Accident Insurance

Slip-and-falls, broken arms, car accidents, sudden and accidental injury can happen at any time. Accident coverage offsets emergency room fees, ambulance charges, and other costs, including:

  • follow-up care
  • initial care
  • surgery
  • transportation and lodging


Disability Insurance

Sometimes, illness and accidents prevent us from working for weeks, months, or more than a year. Disability insurance covers a portion of your income during this time, including:

  • credit card bills
  • groceries
  • rent or mortgage payments
  • travel and living expenses
  • utilities