There truly is not enough time to tell you how pleased I was with the services provided by Blue Sky Benefit Solutions. I made them aware from the beginning that the relationship with AFLAC was very strained for our organization. Blue Sky Benefit Solutions was there every step of the way, and in fact several weeks prior to even signing our employees up just to answer the questions and concerns I had. When it came to scheduling, Blue Sky Benefit Solutions was very flexible, as we have eight sites in southeast Minnesota that are rather spread out. They made sure they had enough staff on hand to minimize the impact to our employees’ work days and the whole effort went quite seamlessly.

Ron M., SE Minnesota

I can promise you I don’t get any perks or kickbacks by writing Blue Sky Benefit Solutions a rave review. I truly am just that happy and satisfied with everything the reps provided and the benefits that Blue Sky Benefit Solutions provided us.

Heather N., Central Minnesota

To bring everything all together and complete the package, I am impressed with the benefits that Blue Sky Benefit Solutions has to offer. It was a significant savings to our employees and coverage they didn’t even know they could expect. I’ve had several of our employees come to me and thank me for making the switch and tell me how happy they are with their new coverage. It was definitely one of my more rewarding HR tasks since I started with the organization.

Lynn K., Central Minnesota

I love the Accident Plan! With my husband and three kids, we have utilized the benefits multiple times, and Blue Sky Benefit Solutions has been great to work with on all of our claims. I would recommend them over and over again.

Judy R., Sartell, MN 

I am just so grateful to have the peace of mind with this coverage!

Disability Policy Holder Steph M., St. Cloud, MN

Once we had our employees enrolled, a Blue Sky Benefit Solutions Rep took the time to come out and meet with our payroll person to ensure she was comfortable with the changes and to offer support during the first payroll after the transition. Even several years after having our employees enrolled, I have the peace of mind of knowing that there is a Blue Sky Benefit Solutions Rep an email/phone call/text away for any questions. On several occasions, they have taken time out of their schedule to personally talk to an employee who may have a question or concern. In today’s market, that kind of customer service is so incredibly rare; however it’s exactly why I chose Blue Sky Benefit Solutions in the first place.

Sheila A., Mpls/St Paul